Numergence is a simple analytic tool: a gadget to extend the spreadsheet. It aids understanding of numeric data by automatically creating a spreadsheet formula. This formula can be used to predict output data by processing previously unseen input data.


The amount of data produced by humans and machines is growing rapidly but our ability to process and understand the data somehow lags behind. Fortunately analytic tools try to alleviate this gap. Big data, data mining, business intelligence, knowledge extraction - to give a few buzzwords - are approaches that aim to find and utilize patterns and interrelations hidden in data.

A user wants to know what her data means, but often this requires learning to use complex analytic applications beforehand. This initial effort can substantially slow the process.
Additionally it seems that there are two groups of people in analytics -- those who understand the data domain (users), and those who design advanced tools for the first group (computer scientists). However, sometimes the plain old spreadseet is a good enough tool for a domain expert to gain the first insight necessary for suggesting the best strategy in the iterative process of knowledge extraction.

Numergence helps the first group of people - the data domain experts - by giving them a simple symbolic regression script for small data analytics within a familiar environment.

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